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No Telephone Line at Your Home?  No Problem!!!

As more and more people are using their cellular phones to take care of their communication needs and are often doing away with the telephone land line to their home, there is no longer a problem with being able to have a monitored security system without an active telephone line.

We have cost-effective equipment that can be used as stand-alone systems in the absence of any telephone lines that are actually less expensive to use than paying a monthly telephone line charge!

Many people who own vacation homes, weekend retreats, cabins and cottages don’t have monitored security systems to protect these premises, because the monthly telephone charges to have service provided for very limited usage simply become quite cost ineffective.

We are able to have all of these types of premises monitored without an active telephone line, by using special cellular technology.  Insurance companies will usually provide a discount on your homeowner’s policy for having a monitored security system installed.

Please contact us to learn how we can have your security system monitored 24 hrs/day without you needing to have an active telephone line connected to your primary residence or vacation home.

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